Sample Request*

You may be thinking, “I just want a sample of pet food! Why all the questions?”

Here’s why:

1. Pet Chef Brand pet food tastes great but since you won’t be eating it the only way we can impress you is through our convenient and efficient service.  Your first sample of our service will be when we deliver the sample to your door.

2. Knowing what your pet has been eating and how large they are will help us provide important information to help you make the transition to Pet Chef Brand food.

3. If we see your pet we want to say “Hi”, call him by name, scratch his ear in just the right spot, and share an all-natural treat with him. Your pet will love it, we will have become your best friend’s 2nd best friend, and he will be excited to see us the next time we drop by to make a delivery.

We know how to get on the good side of pets!  Thank you for helping us get to know your pet.

* Free samples provided only within our delivery area.